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5th January 2017 | NEWS

Since I released my most recent album in 2012, things have been quiet on the ‘flinders’ front. During the second half of last year, as well as getting back to the guitar, I started to present a radio show on a local community radio station in Dublin, as well as getting more interested in writing poetry as a pastime.

For 2017, I thought it would be good to get all of these artistic endeavours in one place for people to take a trawl through, should they so desire. So you are very welcome to the new and improved flinders website. The new site, as it stands, consists of four separate areas that I will add to as often as time and creativity allows.


For a couple of years now, it had been on my mind to prepare and present my own radio show. For most of my youth, and into my twenties, I was involved in various drama societies and performed quite regularly on stage (and even in the very odd television commercial). After I left college, rather than showing a commitment to it, it was one of those artistic pursuits that gradually drifted into decline, as I set about becoming something else.

Radio is a medium I have always been a fan of, in all its forms (debate, current affairs etc) but, largely, because it is a delivery mechanism for music, something I both make and love. So I approached the good people at Dublin South FM and asked them could I get a show on air, and they were kind enough to oblige. I present The Flinders Show every Saturday night between 8-9. If you can’t catch it live, I’ll be uploading it to this website soon after for people to listen back to.


Since 2006, I have been lucky enough to record and release two full albums, and one EP, under the moniker flinders. For a while there the muse left me, and I didn’t write or play music much. Recently, I have been playing and writing a lot more, which is great for me personally.

Also, by chance, I recently accidentally discovered a very old recording of me playing a live show at Sin E in Dublin. I realised, listening to the recording, that I had completely forgotten the song I had written and played that night, as I had never recorded it anywhere. It surprised me that this could happen, but I’m not sure why.

To make sure it never happens again, and to prepare to record another album, I have recently acquired the world’s cheapest audio interface for recording guitar and vocals. Together with my new friend Garageband, I’m going to make very simple demos of my songs and post them here to the site for anyone who cares to listen. I might even enter the Eurovision……who knows!


As someone who has composed lyrics for his own songs over many years, it’s probably no surprise that I would become more and more interested in poetry over time. It was always something I viewed from a distance with a grudging respect. Recently, I have put pen to paper (and finger to keyboard) to create my own poems. Much like music, while I don’t know many of the rules that apply to the art form, I do feel like I know and understand the emotions I am trying to express and that I can learn the rest as I go.

I’m also trying to be selective about the poems I create, as I do believe that if the words hold no meaning for the author, its impossible for me to believe that they will hold any meaning for anyone else. It’s also very different from music, in the sense that, for lots of people, it is the very opposite of their cup of tea. It does appear to be having some small resurgence at the moment, with spoken word poetry making a come back. I don’t think I’ll be hitting any poetry slams just yet, but I’ll post poems to the poetry page as I go.


I thought that, since I was putting together a website, I might as well have the option of musing on all things related to the arts. So the final part of the site is to allow me, in my own inimitable style, to blog about anything and everything on the artistic spectrum.

Blogging is one of the great wonders of the internet, in that it helps everyone who operates outside of the mainstream writing cycles to voice their thoughts, however useless they may ultimately be. Yes, it creates a cacophony of sound, but through that I propose to scream an album or gig review, my thoughts on the ‘sameyness’ of many types of music and, much like my radio persona, perhaps the odd rant or two against a diverse range of artists.

Here’s to 2017,


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